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Bi-Polar Electro Ball Parachute & Stretcher
After a long day of work, why not sit back and relax, buckle the boys into this bi-polar electro-parachute and set your power box to whatever strength you think will take the stress out of them.  OK, you might want to put a couple of electrodes on Mr. Happy while your at it so he does not feel left out!!


This electrode is heavy and made from 1/8" thick rubber, has a non-conductive soft outer layer of rubber (a must, so you don't stim the inside of your legs) and two nice conductive rubber surfaces on the inside, each 2" x 4", that connect at point on the edge of the parachute using two small rubber blocks.  The straps are made with leather and riveted to the rubber  for a nice look and secure positioning.  When fully attached, the ID is 1" in diameter with the outside diameter being right at 3".

If you want to also stretch the boys out, you can use a hole punch to make two or three holes on the bottom edge of the rubber and attach a nice weight or two.

Includes a Lead wires with 2.5mm jacks and TENS pin connections.   If you want to use these with a power unit that has Banana Pin connectors, all you need are a couple of our Banana to TENS adapters.  These can be found in our Wiring and Adapters section of the eStore.  2.5mm female to 3.5mm male adapters are also available to use the enclosed leads with a power unit using 3.5mm jacks.  Can be cleaned with soap and water.

Item #ElectrStretcher

Regular price $34.95 

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