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TENS Lead with 2.5mm Female Socket Adapter
Great news for those TENS unit users who would like to use the Rimba or Zeus electrodes that have the "hard-wired" 2.5mm jacks built into the electrodes.


It used to be almost impossible for TENS users to use many of the Rimba or Zeus products without literally cutting the 2.5mm jacks off the wire and stripping it back and making your own DIY connections. This left thousands of TENS users without the possibility of using these electrodes,  so we had a special adapter wire made just for you.  Once you purchase one of these adapters, you can simply plug the wire into your TENS unit and open the door to enjoying many other types and styles of electrodes that you could not use before.  Below are some sample pictures of a TENS unit being connected to this adapter and then to a small Rimba "hard-wired" plug. Quick and Simple!!


We are sure that you will find this TENS to 2.5mm female socket adapter one of the most versatile additions to your toy box.  You could even add one of our 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapters and plug a regular 3.5mm jack into this if you found a need to do so.  The connection possibilities are now whatever you want them to be.  I have copied a few more pictures below to illustrate a couple of connections using this adapter with a 3.5mm TENS and 3.5mm Banana lead wire.


Adapting a 3.5mm lead with Banana Pins      Adapting a 3.5mm lead with TENS Pins

NOTE: The illustrations shown here are only for connection applications.  The 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapters, Banana and TENS leads and the TENS unit are not included with the TENS to 2.5mm adapter wire.

Item #TENS/2.5mmLead

Regular price: $17.95  Special price $13.95

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