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TENS3000 with 2 Free Chokers
Most TENS units use an analog system which is not as accurate. The TENS 3000's microprocessor is exact. 

webassets/007.JPG   webassets/6mmHeadLoopwithBarrelConnector-2.jpg  webassets/6mmHeadLoopwithBarrelConnector-2.jpg

Features of the TENS 3000 TENS Unit :
 • 3 Modes and Timer 
 • Safety Amplitude Cap protects the Amplitude knobs from accidental bumps or knob movements 
 • High quality Multistick electrodes 
 • Pulse Width 30-260 us 
 • Pulse rate 2-150(Hz) 
 • Wave form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic square Pulse 
 • Unit comes with Carry Case, Electrodes, new FDA approved Leadwires, Battery, and Manual

Best of all, this unit will be delivered with 2 of our popular Choker's (conductive loops) with CordLocks.  CordLocks assure a snug fit and will not loosen during use.  The can also be quickly tightenen or loosened quickly as needed.  A $23.90 value if purchased separately!!

Each Choker is considered an electrode, similar to a TENS pad.  To use them simply plug a TENS pin from one of your lead wires directly into the end (2mm ID hole) of each Choker.  Move them up or down the shaft, head or around whatever to enjoy smooth electrifying sensations and best of all a Hands Free Orgam (although not guaranteed).  The CordLock provided, will keep them snug and when necessary, you can loosen or tighten them quickly and easily.




Item #TENS3000

Regular price $38.95 

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