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Out of Stock - Deep Throat Locking Wand
Made from stainless steel, this insertion wand is great for just wearing, controlling your boy or even estimming yourself!!  The entire insert is hollow and has a 1/8
" diameter hole for urinating or controlling other fluid back-up, if you know what we mean.  The bottom ring measures 1-3/4" in diameter with an am extension if 3-1/2" where it can be padlocked securely into a 3/4" diameter and 1/2" long locking device at the end.  The insertable tip measures just over 7/16 inch in diameter and is 1" long.  The thinner shaft is 2-3/4" long and is 3/16 inch in diameter.  The total insertable length is 3-3/4", enough to place around the base and shaft in a flaccid state to make sure getting hard is either very difficult or could be painful.  The gentle curve of the insert will make wearing this device much more comfortable than a straight stainless insert. 

Add some current to this bad boy for use as a single-pole electrode and you or your partner are in for a real treat.  Certainly not for the meek, whether connected to a power box or not.  A nice training device to say the least.  To connect current to this device, simply use an alligator clip lead or wrap some of our conductive flat strap 3/4" wide silicone around the arm and hold it down tightly with whatever you have handy.  We know you will find something to use for electrification purposes!! 


So, why not add one of these unusual creations to your toy box.  You will love pulling it out when you feel just plain devilish or want some two-fold torment.

  webassets/DeepThroatLockingWand-3.JPG   webassets/DeepThroatLockingWand-1.JPG

Item #DTLockingWand

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