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Out of Stock - Clit & Vaginal Bi-Polar VersaTrodeII
NOTE: We only have these with solid stainless steel balls at the moment.  When the hollow balls become available, the drop-down box will be updated to include them.  We only have the 1.25" vaginal  ball with the 1" clit exciter ball in stock.  One 1.5" diameter egg shaped viginal model is available. 
The inventor of the VersaTrodeII™ has now diversified the basic design of this electrode to now be used for vagina and clit stimulation. It uses either a super smooth hollow or solid stainless steel balls to do the job.  The ball design is perfect and glides smoothly up and down the vaginal wall when in use.  

The stainless steel shaft is securely mounted into the acrylic base and is covered with a clear heavy tubing so that the current is focused where it will create the most satisfaction and best effect.  The ball on the front of this electrode used to stimulate the clit is 1" diameter and solid stainless.  However, the ball electrode on the vaginal shaft can be ordered in a variety of sizes for a nice tight and comfortable fit.  The threads on the shaft are all the same size as the balls, so it can be interchanged with different sizes should the user decide to buy other sizes for different sensations.  The smaller the electrode (in this case diameter), the more intense the current flow and sensations will be.  You can choose the diameter of the ball in a hollow or solid form from the Drop-Down box below.  Oh, by the way, the hollow balls have a chime mechanism in them that vibrates when the ball is moved a certain way, adding to the entire experience.

The lovely young tester for this product had never experienced electro-stimulation before, but agreed to give it a try with this electrode.  To her amazement, the sensations she felt with the current flowing into and through her clit and vagina as the vagina ball moved up and down to the pulse settings on the power box immediately met with her approval.  After a short period of time, she could not hold back any longer and exploded with a muscle contracting, throbbing orgasm.  What can we say, we think she will definitely be back for more testing!!  

A still shot of the video of her using this electrode is shown below.  A short vid should be available soon, once we get it edited for length of time and posted to this page.  It is definitely worth watching!!

VersaTrodeII/VTCV1-in-use-a.jpg   VersaTrodeII/FVT-Clit-Vaginal-A.jpg

Item #VTClit&Vagina

Choose the Vaginal Ball Size Here:

Regular price $129.95 

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