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LiquaStim - Encapsulator Estim System
Now in Three Sizes!!  Medium, Large and the even larger Big Boy size!!

Rob, who owns and developed the LiquaStim™ System spent many hours of testing and research (and self-experimentation!!), creating this new  fascinating electrode.  Once he finally completed the project and patented it, has now made it available to the estim public.  The system employs low voltage current from just about any estim power box, small bead magnets, liquid and a good silicone seal at the entrance to create unbelievable sensations that are much different than regular surface stimming.

We are pleased to offer this unique electrode system and working with Rob to get this product out to everyone who wants one.

Please Note:  This device is a Single-Pole electrode  You cannot connect both magnets of one lead to the bottle filled with water.  It will short out and you won't feel any electrical current.  You have to have a second electrode somewhere else on the body, like a conductive loop or TENS pads on the balls, or a prostate stimulator to make the positive and negative current flow. The power box leads are 3.5mm going into the power box, with two magnets on each of the lead wires.  If your power box does not take a 3.5mm audio jack, you may need to get an appropriate adapater to use these leads.  These can be found in our Wiring and Adapter secion.  Also note that depending on the electrodes you will be using as the second electrode, you  will want to specify the type of connection in the drop-down box below when ordering.LiquaStim/LiquaStimSystemIllustration.jpg 

Although it may look a little intimidating and complicated at first, once you get the hang of it, this system will definitely add a pleasurable enhancement to your estim toy chest.  The sensations that it can create will vary a bit, depending on your electrode placements, power levels and settings.  Of course, you can move the small magnetic beads around inside the Encapsulator™ by simply using the outside magnet  as a guide.   Check out the great videos at Rob's web site www.liquastim.com to watch this device in real action.
NOTE: In rare instances, one might experience or feel burning on the penis.  If you begin to feel that this is happening, you will need to add a teaspoon of salt or baking soda to the water to conduct electricity more efficiently.  Make sure you mix it thoroughly and then re-add it to the Encapsulator.  If this condition still exists, you may be one of those persons who has very high skin sensitivity and cannot use the device.  Contact us to discuss this condition.

Here is a portion of what is posted on Rob's web site www.liquastim.com about the LiquaStim System:

"Basically you stick your penis into the Encapsulator, fill it up with liquid, hook it up, and enjoy.

The beads you see in some of the pictures and videos are actually magnets. The beads on the 2 sides focus the electro stimulation to the various parts of the penis, and are moveable with a similar bead on the exterior of the Encapsulator.

The 4 connections (2 channels) are done through 2 feed troughs that conduct the current into the Encapsulator, through the liquid and onto the penis nerve endings. The other 2 connections that works for me, are done with 2 ferrous metal cock rings, one around the penis and testicles and the other metal ring that goes just around your scrotum. Your electrodes may vary. The “Helper Cap” you see to the left is included."  The Helper Cap is used to suck the penis into the Encapsulator™.  You remove the cap and pour in the liquid once you are hard.

For those of you who already have our Choker's and Stranglers, these can be used around the balls or the base and the balls as the other electrode.  Butt plugs can also be used in combination to produce a completely unique estim effect using the Encapsulator™.  The use, connections and hook-ups are left completely to your imagination and your estim experience with electrodes. 

NOTE: After talking with a few customers who wanted to buy the Encapsulator™, we realized during the conversation, that there was a legitimate concern on how to connect a surface or internal electrode (plug) to the magnetic balls connected to the lead wires.  Of course, these single and double pole electrodes use Banana, TENS and Snap sockets.  Hmmmm, we saw a challenge here.  Undecided  After playing around with some of the parts in inventory, I think we have this connection problem solved.  We have come up with a Banana and a TENS pin magnetic adapter that can be used.  We have not come up with a Snap connection yet, but I am sure we will.  The adapters are seen below, so you will have an idea of how they work and the connections you can make.

 LiquaStim/MagnaPinAdapter-4a.jpg  LiquaStim/MagnaPinAdapter-1a.jpg  Same principal as the TENS adapter.

 LiquaStim/MagnaPinAdapter-3a.jpg  LiquaStim/MagnaPinAdapter-5a.jpg  This illustration just shows both of these adapters magnetically connected to the lead wires.  Of course, the adapters will go into a surface or plug of your choice.  These adapters will be made on as  ordered basis and can be purchased in the Wiring and Adapters section or the LiquaStim portions of the store.  To buy either of them, you can find the Magnetic TENS adapter here and the Magnetic Banana adapter here.  There are other practical applications for these type of adapters that we are sure the DIY folks will be able to find useful too.

After thinking about connections a little more and talking with Rob, we decided that he would send me some lead wires with the connection magnets only on one wire of the leads and leave the other bare wire for me to connect either a TENS Pin, Banana Pin or a Snap connection based on the customers intended use with the second electrode for each lead.  This made a lot more sense for some customers than using the magnet adapters shown above.  For a small fee, you will be able to choose what connection type you want the second wire on each lead to be.  We have placed a Drop-Down Box below for you to indicate what type of connection you want to have on the second wire of each lead wire.  For example, you can have both leads the same, or you can have one, with a banana pin and the other with a TENS pin or a Snap connection.  Of course you can still order the Encapsulator with all magnetic ball connectors on the leads and use the magnet adapters if you wish.  The choice is yours!!  We will accomodate you with whatever you want.

FIRST CLASS SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE LiquaStim™ System.  Outside the USA, shipping is by US Postal Service First Class International Airmail.  If you want Priority Mail shipping, please indicate at checkout.
The Encapsulator™ now comes in three sizes; Medium (2.0" diameter x 4.5" Deep), Large (7.0" deep x 2" diameter) and now in the Big Boy size (9.0" deep x 3" diameter).  Depth indicates the measurement from the base to the neck at the top of the bottle.  The default size is Medium.  If you want the Large, be sure to indicate Large in the Drop-Down box below.  An additional $15.00 charge is added for the Large size and $30.00 for the Big Boy size.

The LiquaStim™ System, as mentioned above, comes with two sets of 3.5mm male audio lead wires with magnetic balls connected at the ends for making the connections to the Encapsulator™.  For those of you who wish to use this system with a TENS or TENS type connection at the power box, a Rimba or some Zeus units with a 2.5mm male audio input jack, you will find the proper adapters in our Wiring and Adapters section.  If you are not sure what adapter you might need, please send me an email gary@happystim-usa.com with the type of unit you have and the model number if you have it or give me a call at 618-343-4344.  I am sure that we can get you connected!!

     LiquaStim/LiquaStim-2b.jpg      LiquaStim/LiquaStim-1a.jpg

Here are a couple basic connections you can make using the Encapsulator and magnetic adapters.

Lastly, I wanted to give you some more information that Rob has on his web site related to Advice and customer comments.  I have copied them below for your viewing.  Additionally, several short movies of the Encapsulator in use and a longer movie from start to finish using the LiquaStim system are available at Rob's web site: www.liquastim.com.  We welcome you to visit the site to view these very informative visual presentations and get more familiar with the Encapsulator and its use.  We hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
  1. Something to remember as with all Estim, it's a HEAD thing, it works when it’s right.

  2. Contrary to belief, Water and electricity do mix wonderfully.

  3. Only Positive wires hook to the Encapsulator, Negatives go to other places.

  4. “To me LiquaStimming is one of the hottest things I've ever experienced with my cock.” says Steve M.

  5. Always keep it below the waist.

  6. The Encapsulator won’t leak with proper use.

  7. You can “Get Milked” with the Encapsulator.

  8. “When you learn how to use the encapsulator you'll love it.” says Tim K.

  9. The Encapsulator keeps it hard for as long as you want it too, just don’t let the air in.

  10. “It’s very addicting in its own way.” says Drew B.

  11. It's Fun To Cum with the Encapsulator

  12. You can make LiquaStim a very special thing.

  13. Don't forget to keep the pressure equalized within the Encapsulator you do this by opening the cap thus releasing pressure as you get more erect, this will prevent unwanted leakage. I use a bath towel under my butt and the water is absorbed if I let some out to relieve the pressure


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