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TENS or Banana Socket to 90 deg TENS Pin Adp Wire
We had our manufacturer make these special 90 degree adapters after we had so many customers asking for them.  These right-angle adapter wires make it easy to connect any TENS socket electrode or plug, allowing for sitting while stimming.  Previously, the only choice you had was the straight TENS pins and trying to sit on a plug would be very difficult and most likely ruin and bend your TENS pin attached to your lead wires.  These adapter wires are heavy duty and make sitting on an electrode easy.  The 90 degree pins have been well soldered into the rounded connector and then a heavy duty black hard epoxy has been poured into the cavity for added strength, making these a perfect connection to electrodes whether you want to sit or just want to connect them at a 90 degree angle.  You won't go wrong with these adapters.

NOTE: We have had a few customers point out that some of the newer silicone plugs that we received have the connection holes a bit closer together than the previous ones were.  This will make the two 90 degree connectors bind when putting them together at the base of the electrode and make them unusable.  We are currently working on a remedy for this, either making a smaller 90 degree connection or something entirely different.  If you purchased these adapter wires and are having this problem, contact us and we will be more than happy to refund your purchase for the adapter wire.
Note: Price is per wire.


  NinetyDegreeAdapters/TENSrightAngleBanana-1a.jpg  NinetyDegreeAdapters/TENSrightAngleOnDildoBanana-1a.jpg

Item #TS-90Deg-TPWire

Banana or TENS Socket?

Regular price $9.95 

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