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Two-Part 90 Degree TENS Pin Wire and Adapter
After having a long discussion with the manufacturer, we came up with a 2-part system that we feel will be very useful to many of our customers.  Although we now have the one-piece single 90 degree TENS pin 6" wire, we thought that having one that could be taken apart and used for multi-purposes would be useful in some applications.

NinetyDegreeAdapters/Two-PartNinetyDegree-1.jpg  NinetyDegreeAdapters/Two-PartNinetyDegree-2.jpg

                 Apart                                      Joined Together
                   Available in Red and Black (See Drop-Down Box)

     Red and Black shown above for illustration only.  Each sold separately

The 6" wire has a TENS socket on one end and a TENS pin on the other for use as an extension or other connection if needed or you can attach the adapter and convert it into a 90-degree TENS connection for attaching to your favorite plugs or any other electrode using a TENS socket. Great for use while sitting, since its low profile will not protrude outward like standard TENS pin leads and adapters to get in the way of things.  Additionally, the 6" HD wire keeps your small flimsy TENS leads from getting damaged if you are sitting on them.

We had these adapters specially made to be used in heavy duty use.  In addition to the TENS pin being heavily soldered into a stainless steel cavity, the cavity has been filled with a very hard epoxy mix for added strength and dependability.  We also insisted that the 6" long connection wire be heavier than the usual flimsy TENS wires you see on most products. 

I am a stickler for quality and we know these cost little more due to the extra TENS pin on the wire and TENS socket on the adapter, but definitely worth it to get a quality, long lasting product.  We don't think you will find anything like this on the web, we didn't and that's why we had them made!!

NOTE:  If you want two of these; one red and one black, simply add the black one to the card and then go back and add the red one to the cart.  It generates two separate lines; one for each color.

Item #90Deg2-PartTENS

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