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Out of Stock - Electro-Gloves
Now enjoy that electrifying sensation on any area (below the waist) that you want.  By yourself or use it on someone.  Each glove is a single-pole electrode, so you can use one glove and a stationary second electrode for stimulation or both gloves moving around to various body parts to make yourself or someone else quiver with electro-sensations!!  These are a must for anyone wanting to explore some serious sensual investigation.  Let your imagination take you to new heights.

To use, always wear a latex glove over your hand or hands and then place the glove or gloves over the latex glove for safety.  This also makes each glove a single-pole electrode and safe to use on yourself or someone else.

NOTE:  Play safely and do not use these where current might run through the chest cavity to the heart.  Remember, current will move from one eletrode to the other and wherever you place each glove, current will run from one to the other.

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Set includes 1 pair of electro gloves; 1 pair of latex gloves; 1 set of 4 adhesive pads; 1 pair of snap on connectors; 1 lead wire set. Use with your partner or by yourself! Reach out and REALLY touch someone you love!

This accessory has a 2.5 mm male plug. If your power box uses a 3.5mm audio jack for its leads, you can purchase a 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female adapter in our Wiring and Adapter's section of the store.  For TENS users, you can purchase an adapter with two TENS sockets leading to a 2.5mm female audio socket for the 2.5mm jack that comes with these gloves.

Item #EGloves

Regular price: $89.95  Special price $49.95

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