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Thin-Walled Conductive Tubing - Now in 4 Sizes
After many requests over the past year, we decided to go ahead and stock the smaller thin-walled tubing in 4 different sizes in addition to the larger V2000 and penis pump sizes.  This product is very expensive to have made because of the small size and thickness of the material.  When it comes off of the machines, it is very hot and sticky.  It has to have talc blown into the tubing in order for it not to collapse and melt to itself as it is extruded.  Once it has cooled down, it then must be washed, so that the talc power is removed from the inside of the tubing.  It is then completely dried, tested for conductivity and rolled onto spools ready for shipment.  It also must be ordered in minimum quantities in order for the manufacturer to even mix the recipe to make it. 

Therefore, this product is priced and sold by the foot.  So, if you want one foot, the quantity will simply be 1 when you  order it.  A quantity of 3 will indicate 3 feet of material.

In the Drop-Down Box below be sure to indicate the size you wish to order.  The default is the smallest tubing or 3/4" in diameter.

Pricing is as follows per foot.

3/4" diameter is $25.00 per foot.

1" diameter is $27.00 per foot.

1.4" diameter is $32.00 per foot.

1.75" diameter is $39.00 per foot.

The smaller sizes will allow you to make their own specialty electrodes and is great for the DIY folks.  It can also be used to cover dildos and probes for the ladies.  Keep in mind that this material is about 1/32" (1mm) in  thickness and will stretch about 1/4" to maybe a maximum of 1/2" when trying to cover a cylinder or other object that you may be working with for your project.  You must be very careful when stretching it.  Too much pressure when stretching it will result in ripping it.  Sometimes rolling it up like a condom and placing it over the end of the object you want to cover, then unrolling it onto that object works well.  This will enable the material to expand evenly as it is rolled, limiting the possibility of tearing.   There are many applications this tubing can be used for, just let your imagination run wild.  It can also be easily connected to your power box with the use of our ComboClips

To give you an example of the visual sizes of this tubing, I have copied pictures of it over small cones.  The first two are over a small funnel and the second two are pictured with a small piece of paper rolled up and inserted into the end of the tubing.
webassets/20mmThinWallTube.jpg  webassets/25mmThinWallTube.jpg
         3/4" (20mm) Diameter                    1" (25mm) Diameter
webassets/35mmThinWallTube.jpg  webassets/46mmThinWallTube.jpg
       1.4" (35mm Diameter)                    1.75" (45mm) Diameter

Item #ThinWallTubing

What Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price $25.00 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.