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Out of Stock - SackSling-2 Redesigned - Clear

OxBalls/SackSlingClear-1.jpg  OxBalls/SackSlingClear-2.jpg


OxBall took our best-selling SACKSLING design and made it even more lightweight and flesh like…introducing SACKSLING 2.

Just like the original, SACKSLING 2 has a built-in COCKSLING morphed onto a slick, stretchy sack for your balls...guaranteed your nuts have never experienced anything like this…

Wear it to for a hot n’ heavy fuck session or under your gear for a thick, meaty bulge...

Slick it up inside and out with lube, put your meat through the front hole and drop your balls inside the sack and you’re ready to fuck, suck or anything in between.

Whether you have high and tight nuts or heavy hangers, this thing will grip your balls like a rubbery second skin.

Some guys even put on a ballstretcher before they stuff their ballbag in to keep their sack stretched and kept in place in their new rubbery home.

Each nut has a drainage hole that doubles as a contact opening for electro contacts points for cbt play…

OxBalls/SackSlingjizz-2.jpg  OxBalls/Sack-3.jpg

Wear it to fuck or just wear the SACK under your gear for a hot impressive bulge.  Slick it up inside and out with lube, put your meat through the front hole, drop your balls inside the sack (See instructions below).  There is a built-in ball ring on the inside at the top, that helps keep your balls in the sack.  Put it on with no lube and your balls will quickly work up a hot sweat inside the sack.  This is especially helpful when you use the Sack for estim.  Without the two electrodes in this non-electrified version, there is a drain hole under each of your nuts to get a breath of air and for perspiration to get out.  You can easily slide a section of our 6x2mm or 6x4mm conductive tubing into one or both of the bottom holes and make this thing a single-pole or a bi-polar electrode.  Of course, you can also purchase the electrified version with the round electrodes made to fit these holes.  Your choice!!


Even if you have high and tightnuts or a short sack, this thing will grip your balls...but it feels like skin...OxBalls softest material yet.  For an even better, tighter fit, simply get a PowerBall, super-stretch cockring or a ScrewBall and put it around your nuts before stretching the Sack over your bag.  Works great!! 

Color - Clear - See through

Stats (Approximate):

Cock and Ball Hole Circumference: 6”/ 15.24 cm

Ballbag Opening Circumference: 4”/ 10.16 cm

Ballbag Outer Circumference: 9”/ 22.86 cm

Weight: 5 oz 

Cleaning Instructions:  Wash in warm soapy water after use, air dry.

Item #SackSlingNonEle

Regular price $47.95 

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