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Out of Stock - Folsom Bi-Polar Electro-Vacuum Nipple Cups
Looking for something a little different in e-stim arousal.  These twin electrodes are designed to attach directly to both channels of your power box . Used in conjunction with an electric or our heavy-duty hand operated vacuum pump (almost any pump will do) this product has proven to be another exceptional toy to take you to an entirely new dimension of pleasure.  Each component has been  carefully constructed and hand-made, then tested by the fine folks at Folsom. These popular nipple electrodes are available in limited quantities.  You might send me an email before ordering to make sure that they are available. If not, we will make every effort to get you a set and reserve them for you.  Send inquiries to gary@happystim-usa.com.

Each bi-polar cup is connected to a 3.5mm male audio jack with a 4 foot lead wire that can be plugged into any two-channel power box that uses 3.5mm female audio jacks.  IE: The Series 2B, Folsom MAX, PES power box, ET232 and the ET312.  Other power units that have either TENS and 2.5mm connections at the box can be adapted using a 2.5 or TENS lead with 3.5mm female audio connections.  These can be found in the Wiring and Adapters section of our E-Store.   Whatever power box you choose to connect these "suckers" to, you or your partner are sure to find them very stimulating.  You might even find some  other erotic places below the belt to use them on.  Foot in mouth  We will leave that to your imagination.
Used on either a male or female's nipples will definitely produce some interesting results.  The pictures below are just an example of how this electrode is connected to our beasty test model.  Used on the clit and the other on the soft labia might give some interesting results too.  Guys, how about the cock head and maybe the other cup sucking on a nut or nut sack?  Now that would be interesting. 

VacuumPumps/FolsomNippleEstimCups-3.jpg   VacuumPumps/FolsomNippleEstimCups-2.jpg

Each cup is 1" in diameter with an inside diameter of 7/8".  If you can create enough vacuum, the inner chamber is 1.5".  Ouch to some pleasure for others!!

Note too, that the two tubes run into a tee connection that then runs to a one-way quick connect valve.  The same valve that is used on penis cylinders and other breast and pussy devices.  A male plastic connection used for this purpose is also included that can be connected to just about any pump, whether electric or hand operated.


Item #FolsomECups

Regular price $139.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.