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Urethral Spreader/Stretcher

This exquisitely excruciating piece will spread you open and leave you completely at their mercy, or your own. :)  Designed to be inserted into the urethra, the two rounded spreader arms are suspended from a threaded bar. Twist the center nuts open as far as you think you can stand to get started. Then, as you tighten down the outer wing nuts, the arms will be pulled further and further apart, forcibly dilating your urethral opening.  For an even more exciting thrill, clip a lead wire to this device and watch the fun and flow begin.

UrethralToys/MeatCleaver-5.jpg       UrethralToys/MeatCleaver-4.jpg 

UrethralToys/MeatCleaver-3.jpg     UrethralToys/MeatCleaver-2.jpg
Measurements: Head ring measures 1.25 inches in diameter, spreader arms measure 1.25 inches in length and 0.11 inches in diameter, arms spread to a maximum width of 1.04 inches

UrethralToys/MeatCleaver-6.jpg  Close-up of the wing nut, threaded shaft and locking nut on the spreader bar.  One on each side.

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Shipped in an attractive cloth pouch with a Velcro flap.


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Item #MeatCleaver

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