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Electrified Locking Pins
I should never be allowed to go into farm supply or hardware stores!!  Over the holiday weekend, I managed to get away from making and shipping orders for a bit to run some errands.  After spending a lot of time on the farm in my younger days, I tend to spend way too much time browsing all the great steel items they have and my sick mind of course, is always looking for a way to take something simple and apply it to the estim business. Most of you guys and some of you ladies too, know exactly what I am talking about.  :)  I could have picked up many other items to play around with, but after looking over the locking hitch pins, figured that with some of my larger 12mm conductive tubing, I should be able to make an interesting electrode.
12mm conductive tubing is probably too expensive for most customers to buy, so I don't have it on the web site.  It is also very expensive to have made, but I do have a limited supply that I use for various items and decided to use a bit for these electrodes.  They turned out great as you can see from the pictures below after struggling to get the 12mm conductive tubing on the pins and the locking arches.
CockAndBalls/LockingPinsElectrified-1.jpg   CockAndBalls/LockingPinsElectrified-2.jpg
They are perfect in size for most regular hung guys.  As you can see from more  pictures below, they fit wonderful on the 1.5" diameter by 6" long model I used.  I had to cheat and try them myself of course (had to make sure they worked), and boy they fit nice and snug and carry current very well.  The 12mm conductive tubing gave them a nice soft and snug fit.  I believe it also kept the hinged part away from the skin to keep it from pinching.  Connection them to the power box lead wires was easy with the use of alligator test lead wires.  They grip the steel part of the hinged section of the pin very well.  You will need to be careful when placing them and locking them into place, as they could pinch if you don't push all the skin away from the latch while locking them in place.  Once all connected and applying the juice, they felt great and would be a fine addition to any estimmer's toy chest.
You could just go to the store yourself and pick up a couple and use them without conductive tubing, but I found that they are much more comfortable with the tubing.  The two locking pins shown in the picture are different sizes.  The smaller one closes to just over 1.5" across the lower bar and is about 1.25" from the bar to the top of the arch.The larger one is 2" across the lower bar, but still 1.25" from the bar to the top of the arch.  The larger one is nice for the balls or balls and base together.  The smaller one is good for the head, shaft and for the base too.
Tempered spring action, zinc plated, rust and corrosion resistant and made of high quality carbon steel.  You won't be wearing these out very soon.
CockAndBalls/LockingPinsElectrified-3.jpg  CockAndBalls/LockingPinsElectrified-4.jpg

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