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Plastic Speculum - Plain or Electrfied

Here is a little different e-stim approach for using a bi-polar device instead of a vaginal plug.  By adding a couple of sections of our 3/4" diameter conductive tubing and adding two of our ComboClips, presto, we have a bi-polar speculum.  Once inserted and in place, these plastic speculum's will slide open and lock anywhere from 1.25" to 1.75".  This ensures that the conductive tubing stays separated and against the vaginal walls for good conductivity.  For a more filling sensation, one might place a small vibrator or dildo through the opening, adding to the fun.  :)

You can purchase the speculum as just a plain plastic device or by adding an additional $15.00, we will send you the two sections of conductive tubing and the ComboClips that you can use to assemble it for e-stim use.  Be patient when placing the conductive tubing over the ends of the speculum.  You will have to work it slowly onto the plastic arms carefully, so not to tear the thin-walled tubing.  Hmmmm....as an after thought while looking at this thing, I suppose a guy could either slide Mr. Happy into it from the front or use it as a bi-polar sort of clamp.  Just a thought for the folks who like to fool around with different things.  

Although the ComboClips are designed for accepting banana pins, you can easily convert the sockets for a TENS pin lead by placing a small section of our 4x2mm conductive tubing in the socket, then plug a TENS pin into it for a nice snug conductive connection.  Works great!!

Be sure to indicate in the Drop-Down box below, whether you want your speculum plain or electrified.  The default is for the plain version.  You may have your own DIY ideas and have some other materials on hand that might work to electrify this product.


MedicalToys/ElectrifiedSpeculum-2.jpg   MedicalToys/ElectrifiedSpeculum-1.jpg

The leads shown are not included and are just shown for illustration purposes.

Item #Speculum

Plain or Electrified Version?

Regular price $3.99 

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