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Joiner TENS 2 Pins 1 TENS Socket Heavy-Duty
A great way to connect two electrodes to one lead wire of your TENS or other power unit.  Can also be used to connect 2 - TENS or Conductive Rubber Tubing electrodes (loops) to one of your TENS lead wires.  Y-Adaptor is approx. 18" long and has 2 TENS pins connected to a single heavy-duty TENS socket.  Can also be used to make a bi-polar electrode a single-pole electrode. (see photos below)

Heavy-Duty 22 gauge wire is used to make these Y-Adapters with an over-sized female connection to your TENS lead.  This avoids excessive bending and at the point of connections, lessening the chance of broken wires and shorts developing.

Illustrations shown below are just a few of the ways to connect two electrodes or making a bi-polar electrode a single-pole electrode.  Electrodes shown in pictures are not included with the Y-adapter wire.  For illustration purposes only.

Available with Red or Black connectors.  Make sure you indicate the color you want below in the Drop-Down box below.  If you don't care, that will be the default.

WiringAndAdapters/Y-AdapterAllTENS-3.jpg  WiringAndAdapters/Y-AdapterAllTENS-1.jpg
Split a lead wire to use 2 TENS pads    Make a bi-polar electrode a single-pole

Another example of making a bi-polar a single-pole electrode

Item #03J-T2P-1S

Connection Color:

Regular price $12.95 

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