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Insert Accessory for Corona Stimulators

NOTE: We are out of the 8mm solid and hollow tips.  Once we receive more from our vendor, we will remove this notice.  Please do not order 8mm solid tips.  

 After receiving several phone calls and numerous email's from customers, asking if the Plunging Pete was available with a larger diameter and/or a longer insert, I began to think of a way to accomodate these customers to get the bi-polar stimulator/insert they wanted.  We came up with a way to solve it!!

If you have a Plunging Pete, a Pearly Pete or the Vigor corna stimulator and want to get more out of them, this extension accessory may be just what you are looking for.  Although the two styles of bi-polar corona electrodes work wonderful right out of the box, we know there are those customers who want to be able to beef up these fine electrodes to the next step and to accomodate a larger urethral opening or to go deeper.

Shown in the picture below, is an example assembled on the Pearly Pete, as you would purchase it with an optional extension that is unassembled.  The extension happens to be a 4.75" long, 8mm piece of conductive tubing with a stainless steel tip.  At the top of the extension, we have punched a 4mm hole that will slide through the conductive tubing of your corona stimulator.  You simply disassemble the tubing from the device, slide the gold balls off and place the insert onto it along with any of the gold balls you wish to retain and re-assemble.  The second picture shows the Pearly Pete converted and ready for use.  Note that the assembled picture shows a 2" insert that was made for one of our customers and not the 4.75" in the first unassembled picture.

You can do the same thing with the Plunging Pete or Vigor corona stimulator by taking the electrode apart and sliding the gold insert and gold balls off the tubing and placing the extension onto the 4mm tubing and then re-assemble again.  The conductive tubing on either of the stimulators when connected to the conductive tubing conducts current down through the insert just as any conductive material would.


UrethralToys/PearlyPeteConverted-1.jpg   UrethralToys/InsertForMyStimPete-1.jpg

             Ready for Assembly                   Assembled Ready to use 

NOTE: The Plunging Pete, Pearly Pete or Vigor corona stimulator are not included with the extensions and must be purchased separately.

We offer several diameters that you can choose from and the 6mm and 8mm are also available in the hollow stainless steel tips.  These hollow tips will definitely relieve any "back-up" within the urethra.  :)

The standard size for the base price shown as $19.95 is for a 6mm diameter, solid stainless tip that is 4 inches long and is the default.  The larger diameter tubing with corresponding stainless steel tips are a little more expensive, as are the hollow tips.  Please be sure to use the two drop-down boxes below to indicate the diameter and length you want and with the optional hollow tip.

Adding one of these extensions to your corona stimulator purchase will definitely give you a few options that you did not have before!!


Item #PPSSCondInsert

What Diameter Do You Want?
Hollow Tips

Regular price $19.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.