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Multi Electro-Clamp Single-Pole Electrode
These new Multi-Clamp Electrodes are sure to be a hit !!
The vendors’ manufacturer has now modified the Multi-Clamps.  The connections can be made with all types of connectors, Snap, TENS or Banana.  Using a snap simply push the female snap onto the top of the snap head or pinch the low profile PES connector onto it.  For a TENS pin, just unscrew it a little, place the TENS pin into it and screw it down.  Open it all the way and you can push a banana pin into it.

The electrode is not movable however, like the old style was, but this does not change the way it feels when current is run through it.

 CockAndBalls/MultiClampTENSBananaSnap-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/MultiClampTENSBananaSnap-1.jpg
 CockAndBalls/MultiClampTENSBananaSnap-3.jpg  CockAndBalls/MultiClampTENSBananaSnap-4.jpg

Get a grip on the big guy with these single-pole clamps.  The minimum opening when closed is 1-1/4".  Completely opened the distance is 3-1/2".  A soft piece of foam is included if you wish to use it as a "shim" if needed.  Wet it a little and it will also conduct current.  :)
Although these clamps are a little large, they are great for placement of current right where you want it; anywhere along the shaft, under or over the head, base, sides or even the balls. Measuring 5" long and 1" wide, the hinge is molded from DELRIN for its durability, memory, and controlled opening/closing tension.  The electrode style connector allows the use of a conventional style 4mm banana pin connection commonly used for connecting electrodes. For spring style banana pins, only the tip of the pin will fit into the turndown screw, but is secure.  The electrode element is quality German silver for low impedance, low offset potentials and conductivity.   
NOTE: These are sold as single clamps.  You can get a better price buying 2 for $29.95.   Just indicate a pair in the Drop-Down box below.  A single clamp is the default.
We cannot guarantee that you will get any particular color indicated in the picture. What color is shipped will depend on what we have available from our stock.  We will send two different colors, if at all possible if you order a pair of these clamps. 
To connect these to a PES or Snap lead wire, you can purchase a pair of our Banana to Snap adapters for an easy connection.  You will find these on our web site here ===>>>  http://happystim-usa.com/catalog/i188.html.
Of course in a pinch, just use an small alligator clip test lead to make the connection. 


Item #ElectroClampSP

Single or a Pair of Clamps?

Regular price $20.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.