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ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Probe
Electrastim's first purpose-made prostate massager was one of the best-selling ElectraStim sex toys of 2014. Thanks to its quadri-polar design that combines anal stimulation with a perineum massage, Sirius offers a completely unique experience for male fans of anal sex toys.  We might add, that although this electrode was made with the male anatomy in mind, it should also work well for the ladies who wish to use it.  The design and ability to shape it, along with the choices of electrical surface contact areas make this electrode perfect for both male and female electro-play.

Made from 100% platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone, Sirius has a smooth surface and squeezable texture to enhance play. Adjust the angles using the Shape and Play technology for a more customized fit for your body.

Measuring 4 inches insertable by 4.45 inches in girth (approximately 1.5") at the widest point, Sirius offers a filling experience while remaining manageable for those with relatively little anal sex toy experience.
The light grey areas show the points of electrical contact on both sides
Illustration of the four connection points on the bottom of the base.  The quad style will allow the user several hook-up options, like having four electrodes in one.  It can be connected with one wire for a single-pole electrode to the conductive area on the electrode of your choice, a bi-polar electrode, a triple-pole and of course, a quad-pole using all four connection point.  One just needs to remember to connect an offsetting electrode to complete the circuit.  Cross-wiring will give the user a multitude of options and erotic sensations.
For use while sitting, we suggest our heavy-duty 90 degree 6" adapter wires that have either a TENS or Banana socket for the lead wire connection.

Intensify the pleasure you experience during masturbation, foreplay and sex and deepen your sexual satisfaction with the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager. Developed especially for his pleasure, Sirius is designed to stimulate his prostate and lavish his anal pleasure zones with powerfully orgasmic sensations.

This tried-and-tested male sex toy serves up a unique and addictive sexual experience that could lead you to a hands-free orgasm (HFO). Rock your body against Sirius’ 4-inch length while the perineum stimulator teases your sensitive sweet spot with its expertise. Surrender to sensation as Sirius causes your ass to sensually throb and clench, nudging the curvaceous tip against your P-spot with faultless rhythm.

Use Sirius with a dual-channel stimulator and enliven the four quadri-polar contacts with electrosex tingles. Use Sirius with a single-channel stimulator and choose to enliven any two contacts, focusing stimulation to either side of the shaft or either side of the perineum massager.

Crafted from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone, Sirius is beautifully smooth to the touch and has a squeezable density to improve comfort and amplify your excitement during play. Our Shape and Play technology allows you to bend and pose Sirius into position for the perfect fit against your body. Adjust the angle of the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator to ergonomically match your internal slopes and curves.

For the best sex sensations, we recommend that you use Sirius with some water-based lubricant.

Electrode Type

Quadri-polar for internal and external stimulation – takes 4x 2mm (TENS) pin connectors. 1x Silicone Noir Sirius electrode is included in each pack. Can be connected to any power box using TENS pin style leads or appropriate adapters. 


4 inches insertable length x 4.45 inches circumference (approx. 1.5" diameter)at the widest point.
(100mm length x 113mm circumference)


Made from 100% platinum cured, medical-grade silicone.



Item #NoirSirius

Regular price $78.95 

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