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Silicone Chastity Cage

This super soft TPR cock cage stretches to fit even the most eager sub’s leaking member.

For some added excitement, why not place a Choker (silicone conductive loop) around the balls along with an electrified butt plug to tantalize even more.  Instead of the plug, you might shove a small piece of our 3/4" wide conductive silicone strip inside keeping all the current in the front.   Or, insert an electrified urethrl insert where the pee hole is located for the ultimate in chastity control.


We only stock Clear right now, as Clear seems to be the most popular, but there are other colors available; Clear Ice Blue, Clear Ruby, Black and Clear Yellow.  

Just lather the inside with your favorite lube, stuff your dick and balls in, and watch your boner strain helplessly in its new home.

Each cage has a small opening at the tip allowing for easy bladder emptying and extended wear. You can also pull your PA through it for an added locking effect...plus it looks just plain sleazin' stickin' out of your cage while your sweaty meat is tightly encased...

With the chastity cage, your Sir, can show you who’s boss without the hassle of trying to coax your dicklet into some elaborate chastity device. With that nub outta the way the real fun can start!

And for you not so submissive pigs out there, silicone cage doubles as the perfect packer to give your jockstrap that hefty pornstar bulge.


FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

Lube safe:  water-based

Stats (Approximate):

Total Length:  4.0"/ 8.89 cm

Cock Hole:  1" x 1.5"/ 2.54 cm x 3.81 cm

Balls Hole: 1"/ 2.54 cm

Weight:  2.5 oz



Item #CockLockCage

Regular price $27.95 

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