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New ET312 Replacement Battery

Need to replace that dead or dying ET312 battery.  We now carry it for those DIY folks who wish to replace it themselves.

Shipping Weight 1.5 Pounds


Overseas: $20.00

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Here are the detailed replacement instructions from the ErosTek web site for your convenience:

Flip ET312B over, back side facing up.
Remove silver warranty sticker and other sticker (if present) to expose case screws.
Using a phillips-head screwdriver: remove (2) case screws. Set aside.
While holding top and bottom of case together, carefully flip unit up, with front panel facing up.
With power OFF: remove power switch cap by pulling it straight out.
Lift bottom edge of front panel using orange wood stick (supplied). Gently pry bottom edge up
and over bottom (2) switches.
With front panel loosened: lower unit so that front panel faces toward you, top side facing up.
Continue lifting top half of case away from base and rotate it, keeping the front panel side
facing the LCD, switches, and rest of ET312.
Identify battery in rear part of enclosure. It will be connected to the circuit board with two wires,
one Red and one Black.
Compare the installed battery to the replacement battery included in kit. Make sure you can
identify the Red (+) and Black (-) terminals on the new battery. They are color-coded for easy
Remove the Red and Black wires from the original battery by wiggling the terminal lugs up and
down while pulling outward. If needed, a small pair of insulated needle-nosed pliers may be
helpful in pulling the terminal lugs. Pulling from the wire will most likely cause the wire to
separate from the lug – make sure to wiggle or push the lug itself, not the wire.
Once the battery leads have been removed, remove (4) phillips-head screws from the far
edges of the base of the battery bracket. These screws attach the battery assembly to the
bottom of the enclosure. There is no need to remove the other (4, larger) screws.
Once removed, lift the battery assembly up and out and set aside.
Replace new battery assembly into same position as original battery.
Remove caps that may be covering battery terminals.
Replace (4) phillips-head screws into far edges of the base of battery bracket, making sure to
align the battery with the mounting posts in the case bottom. Tighten enough to secure the
battery. Do not use excessive force.
Connect the Red wire to the Red (+) terminal of the battery. Push terminal lug are far onto
battery tab as possible.
Connect the Black wire to the Black (-) terminal of the battery.
Push terminal lug are far onto
battery tab as possible.
Ensure that battery is securely mounted to base of enclosure.
Ensure that Red and Black wires are securely attached to proper terminals of battery.
Fold top half of enclosure back towards bottom half. Front and rear panels should slide into
their respective slots in bottom half of case.
Once top half is almost completely mated to bottom, press bottom edge of front panel inward
over bottom (2) switches (OK and Down) and continue closing enclosure. While holding top
and bottom halves together, flip unit over so that the bottom side faces up.
Replace bottom case screws (2). Tighten with enough force to secure case.
Replace power switch cap. Power unit up.
We advise allowing your new battery to charge before using it. 8 hours or so is usually
sufficient to bring it to a fully charged condition.
Wrap electrical tape (or packing tape) over exposed lugs of old battery. Recycle old battery at a
local battery recycling station.


Item #312-Battery

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