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P3 Penis Pump - Clear Pliable Cylinder and Extra Seal

NOTE: Due to recent international postal rate increases and the weight and size of the package this product ships in, overseas customers will need to be charged an extra $35.00 at checkout.  Please use the Drop-Down box below to indicate overseas shipping.


For the money, his is one heavy-duty vacuum pump, weighing in at almost a pound.  Everything about it is built heavy.  You will understand why we mention this, when you open the package and hold this device in you hand.  Best of all, although it is heavy-duty, it is pliable.  The thickness of the material is just soft enough to be able to squeeze it a bit.  Pumping up your meat is very comfortable and once you have pumped it up, the weight of it gives you an additional "pull" if hanging.  You certainly will not wear this thing out.  :)

Due to the shipping weight, there is a $5.00 fee that will be added to the price of this product, as it qualifies for USPS Priority Mail shipping.

VacuumPumps/P3PliablePenisPump-4.jpg  VacuumPumps/P3PliablePenisPump-2.jpg

Not to take away anything about this device, but we noticed one thing. The squeeze bulb and one-way valve don't seem to be the best and heaviest in the world, but hey for the price, you can always find another one to replace it.  The outside diameter of the connecting valve is 1/4" for your future information.



P3 = Pliable Penis Pump. Put it in, pump it up, push it out, repeat as often as you like. Innovative, functional and exciting. Made of soft yet firm PVC, the P3 penis pump is at the forefront of technology. The inflation tube is inside the cylinder body.The bulb-operated vacuum can be disconnected and removed without loss of pressure utilizing Doc Johnsons patented quick-disconnect valve. The head of the pump is shaped like a penis for realistic sex play. Also, the pump comes with a special clear thick silicone reduction ring that will ensure a tight seal no matter the size of the penis. However, for those who are very well endowed in diameter, you can remove the seal if you wish.  You definitely don't want to turn the poor guy blue. 

The usable inside length is 7 inches and the soft inner diameter of the seal is 1-3/8", which does expand.  Without the seal, the inside diameter is 2 inches.  The tip of the cylinder that is shaped like a penis head, is a full 3/4 inch thick, which gives it extra strengh and weight.

We are also going to add with this product, a thinner, but heavy, stretchy silicone ring, should you want to use it without the thicker ring that comes with the product.  It will give a better seal.    VacuumPumps/SiliconeCylinderSeal.jpg

VacuumPumps/P3PliablePenisPump-6a.jpg  VacuumPumps/P3PliablePenisPump-5a.jpg


•PVC Clear

•Flexible Penis Pump

•Soft comfort ring

•Phallic shape

•Quick disconnect hose

•Vacuum seal technology




Item #P3SiliconePump

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