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Out of Stock - AndroBath Fluid Hydro Pumping System

AndroBath is a popular penis enhancement device made for comfort and pleasure. This is a great way to increase your girth and size without harmful chemicals or side effects.  It operates using water and vacuum combined to pull all sides of the penis equally and hydraulically.  It has also been found not to give you that engorged unwanted expanded bulge on the underside of the glans after pumping.  This is so, due to the equal water pressure used.  

This pump is 11 inches long, with 2 ½” inches of inside diameter, so it gives you a the extra room to grow into it.


Unlike so many other pumps on the market, this one is made for comfort. It includes incredibly soft, but firm rubber lining that will offer more pleasure as you pump. It also gives a powerful seal against your skin, much better than what competitors can offer right now. It gives very effective results with much more comfort.

Best of all, it is much more affordable than many other similar products on the market. 

AndroBath is very simple to use. Pump and watch your size and girth go up! This is a very easy and pleasurable way to get results.

The one-way release valve on the top of the device makes it easy to extract water and apply vacuum just by pulling the water filled chamber into your pelvic area.  Once you let go, a tight vacuum seal holds the water and vacuum until you move the release valve that is located on the top of the cylinder.  Note that the small yellow stem sticks out of the top.  To release pressure, just move it to the side and the vacuum is quickly released.


AndroBath has upgraded the rubber, so that it is much softer and you can really pump it to get much more suction and a better seal. This is the ORIGINAL so there is No Plastic Sleeve to have to deal with and fumble with and worry about it being sterile.

This penis pump is one of the best on the market right now. Just a few pumps and you will feel the blood start to flow and your penis expanding. AndroBath is exactly what you need to achieve effective results in just a few weeks, with added health benefits of improved sex life.

Always read and follow the instructions when pumping.  Never overdue it, as patience and persistance gives the best results.

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 4 inches ; 1.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds



Item #AndorBath

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