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Magnetic Stainless Ball Stretcher - Large 1.25 Pound Weight

 Magnetic Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher- 30mm (1-3/8") Diameter

 CockAndBalls/MagneticLargeBallStretcher-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/MagneticLargeBallStretcher-4a.jpg


Whether you enjoy the weight and pull of a heavy ball (1.25 pound) stretcher during masturbation, or you are tormenting your sub with some CBT action, this heavy magnetic device is a unique and innovative new way to play! Pull the scrotum down away from the body and through the opening in the hefty stainless steel ring. The stainless steel will clink loudly together, leaving the balls trapped in the heavy instrument. When you let go, it will yank down, pulling on the scrotum for an incredible sensation.  Make sure all skin is against the back of the stretcher before replacing the magnetic closure.  The strong magnets will pinch the sensitive skin and will really hurt!!   


What the hell, why not heighten the pleasure by using it as a single-pole electrode and electrifying your balls as they pull towards the ground or if they are just laying there waiting for another bolt of pleasure.  :)  An easy way to connect to current from one of your power box lead wire it with our 3/4" wide flat conductive silicone strap or to make it really simple to connect to a TENS pin, just cut a small section off of our 2" wide conductive strip that has a TENS pin ridge running down the middle and your all set.  Any excess conductive material will definitely be put to good use as additional electrodes.  :) Of course, you can be as creative as you want on how you get current to this device.  The important thing is to get it connected!!


CockAndBalls/MagneticLargeBallStretcher-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/MagneticLargeBallStretcher-3.jpg

NOTE: Because of the weight to ship this product, it will qualify for a 2 pound Priority Mail rate for USA customers.  The shipping rate within the USA is $7.75, 1st Class Mail to Canada $12.00, Australia, Zealand and elswhere overseas $19.00.  Use the Drop-Down box below to indicate where we will be shipping. 

Measurements: 1.5 inches long, 2.25 inches in width. Internal diameter measures and opens to 30 mm, or 1-3/8" inches. 

Material: Stainless steel. 

Color: Grey. 

Note: Also available in 30 mm (1 Inch) width and approx. 1 pound in weight.

Item #MagStretchLarge

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Regular price $69.95 

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