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NEW - Shaft E-Buddy
Simple is good.  Like our conductive loops with the cord locks, a simple design works best.  Once in awhile, some users with sensative skin mention that the current is too much when using the loops.  To help with the sensation, using a 3/4" wide piece of flat strap spreads the current a little better, eliminating the acute sensation they get.
So, if you are looking for an affordable and effective single-pole electrode, look no further.  Introducing the Shaft E-Buddy.  We devised a simple electrode that fits snugly around the shaft, below the head or the base of the penis.  There are basically three components to it.  1) an 8 inch piece of flat strap conductive silicone, 2) a simple plastic locking cam buckle and 3) one of our ComboClips to get the current to the conductive silicone.  
CockAndBalls/ShaftEBuddy-3.jpg   CockAndBalls/ShaftEBuddy-1.jpg
Simply take the ComboClip off of the conductive strap, wrap the strap around the penis, place the strap through the locking cam, snug it to your satisfaction and lock it down.  Reconnect the ComboClip and you are ready to go.  If you need to adjust the tension, it is easy; just release the cam lock, re-position the strap and lock it down again.  Normally, once on the penis, you don't have to take the ComboClip off of the electrode to reposition or tighten or loosen it. 
Two sizes to choose from!!  The standard E-Buddy opens to 2", maybe a little more and fits most folks well.  If you need additional diameter (for those with more girth), simply use the Drop-Down Box below and ask for the 12" model.  If there is any overhang on the flat strap, you can always cut a small piece of it off.  Just make sure you don't cut too much off, because you have to have a place to connect the teeth of the ComboClip to. 
Additionally, the regular ComboClip fits a banana pin (as shown in the pictures).  If you want to use a TENS pin to make the connection, there is another Drop-Down Box below to indicate you are using a TENS pin and need a small piece of 4x2mm conductive tube to use as a connection sleeve.  Once you push the 4x2mm tube into the banana socket and cut it flush, a TENS pin will fit nice and tight into it.  If you have a PES low profile snap connection at the end of your PES lead, just order our Stainless Snap to TENS apapters or our other Snap to TENS adapter and as for the 4x2mm conductive tube.  The adapter will fit your PES lead and then you can push the TENS pin into the ComboClip.
CockAndBalls/ShaftEBuddy-4.jpg  CockAndBalls/ShaftEBuddy-2.jpg
If the conductive strip ever come off of the clip, as it sometimes will, the following three step assembly instructions shown below, will hopefully get you "up" and charged again.  :)

Item #E-Buddy

What Length of Strip do you want?
Do you need a piece of 4x2mm Conductive Tube?

Regular price $9.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.