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Out of Stock - Vibrating Bullet Urethral Insert

 Want to really get a thrill out of urethral insertion?  Give one of these little devices a try.  Equipped with an 8mm diameter, 1" long bullet, that vibrates wildly when you turn on the juice.  When on high, the bullet actually sounds like a bee buzzing, so you can imagine how it will feel, whether only inserted shallow or if you move it deeper into the urethral canal.  Runs on two AAA batteries (not included) and has a removable 2.5mm male audio style connection on a long thin cable to the box.  Center control wheel is used to make the bullet jump into gear.  You can control its vibrations from a slow tickle to the mind-blowing high speed buzzing mode.

You will have a lot of fun with this device and hopefully, a few wild orgasms too.  Will work for the ladies who may want their vaginas bussed or even their urethral canal, if they are into such things.


UrethralToys/UrethralBullet-2.jpg  UrethralToys/UrethralBullet-1.jpg


UrethralToys/UrethralBullet-3.jpg  NOTE: This product is sold as an adult toy and caution should always be taken before play, making sure the egg is clean and disinfected and securely in place on the cable before using.  We cannot be responsible for any mishaps or injury that might come about while using these or any other urethral or anal toys.  A little safety will go a long way from avoiding disaster or an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.  Ya, try to explain that!! :)

Item #VibrBulletInser

Regular price $14.95 

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