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Glans Cover & Urethral Insert Holder Soft Silicone
NOTICE: There is no difference between the entry hole in the small versus the large covers, only the length and size of the liquid reservoir.  

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Now here is an interesting product that could be very useful with a variety of purposes.  We found these enclosed silicone glans covers and have been looking for something similar for a long time.  Not only can you use them to cover the penis head for the sensations it may produce, but it also can be used to solve the problem most folks find annoying, keeping a urethral insert in place while in use. 

   CockAndBalls/GlansCover-Clear-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/GlansCover-Clear-1.jpg
  The picture above shows a small cover on a 7" Dildo.
Punch a small hole in the top and you have a great urethral insert holder that will stay put and control the depth.
Another nice feature these covers have, is that they have a small reservoir in the tip that holds fluids. Look closely at the picture below and you will see how it is built. 
This device may also come in handy if you have any medical challenges and are subject to a small amount of dribble.  Folks who have had prostate problems or the prostate removed may find these handy to wear when being out and about.  If your bladder happens to leak a bit, these glans covers will catch and hold a little fluid and could avoid a potential embarrassing situation.
Reusable, just clean with a good antiabotic soap.  Do not use anything but water based lube on these if you happen to want to place lube inside or around the glans opening.
The opening where the penis head fits, is nice and snug, stretchy and without the hole punched into it, will actually pull a small amount of vacuum, which makes it stay put on the head.  The actual measurements are shown below.
CockAndBalls/GlansCover-Specs-1.jpg CockAndBalls/GlansCover-Specs-2.jpg
Length of the small cover is 2" x 1.5" in diameter
Length of the large cover is 2.25" and 1-5/8" in diameter
The entrance hole is 3/4" on both the larger and small covers.
Soft and very stretchy too!!  CockAndBalls/GlansCover-5.jpg
Color:  Clear



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