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Nipple/Clit Single Pole Spring Electrodes-Set of Two

These little spring devices should be of interest to many of our customers who want a gentle, but firm, nipple, clit or even foreskin and other electrical body part stimulation.  They have a 4x2mm conductive tube connection for easy use with a TENS pin lead or adapter.  Even an alligator clip will work nicely to connect them. 


Measuring 1" in length and just over 3/4" in diameter at the widest postion, they will stretch out to approximately 2.5" or maybe 3", if you really stretch them.  Careful though, you do not want to take the spring pressure out of the steel spring material. 



You can use the especially on the pussy lips or even the clit, as the spring pressure is nice, but not too tight.  It is not necessarily recommended to use one on each nipple using one lead,  but you can use one of these spring electrodes along with a TENS pad next to the nipple on the same lead for safety reasons.

NippleToys/Nipple-ClitSpringElectrode-5.jpg  They do come packaged with  a lead wire using 2.5mm audio connections with TENS pins for those of you who have a Rimba, Zeus or other power box that uses a 2.5mm audio connection at the power box.  You can take the TENS pins off of the spring and use your own adapter, lead with TENS pins, or even an alligator clip to make your connection.  Any way to connect them to a lead wire will work just fine.

In the event that you experience any stinging or burning sensations, use some water based lube to get a better sking to electrode connection.

NippleToys/Nipple-ClitSpringElectrode-2.jpg  NippleToys/Nipple-ClitSpringElectrode-6.jpg

Caution: As mentioned above, you should always use electrodes below the waist.  The exception is if you use one of these and a TENS pad on one lead and use them together; the spring electrode on the nipple and a TENS pad next to it on the same lead wire.


Item #Nip-ClitSpring

Regular price: $11.95  Special price $9.95

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