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Out of Stock - Nipple/Penis/Clit Electro Vacuum Cups

Boy, these suck...Literally !!  They also are electrified !!

To use, simply place over the nipples, penis head, clit or any other body part you wish to electrify, secure and twist to pull vacuum.  To electrify, just plug a lead wire with a TENS pin into the conductive silicone base rim and you are ready to go.   These electro-cups have a smaller opening than the other electro-vacuum cups we sell.  The opening on these cups is 1.3" in diameter and will work well for a wider variety of uses.  The inside length as shown below in the diagram is approximately 2.5".  That is a lot of sucking length !!

 NippleToys/ElectroNIppleVacCups-5.jpg   NippleToys/ElectroNIppleVacCups-3.jpg

Since each one of these devices is a single-pole electrode, you will either need to have them both connected to one lead wire to complete the circuit or use a conductive loop, prostate or vaginal plug or TENS pad with them as the second electrode. 

Lead wires are not included with these electrodes.

NOTE: For safety reasons, it is  not recommended to connect each one to the nipples and to one lead wire. Electricity running across the chest area can be hazardous and cause heart problems.  We recommend using a TENS pad next to the nipple and attached to the same lead when exciting the nipples.  Also, it is important that you never use these on the chest area if you have heart problems or a pacemaker or other medical electronic or electrical devices in or on the body.  If you are pregnant or your health is not good, you should not use these in these events either.  Electro-stimulation can we very stimulating and fun, but you must use safety when using it.


NippleToys/ElectroNIppleVacCups-2.jpg  NippleToys/ElectroNIppleVacCups-1.jpg





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