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Out of Stock - Digital Timer Lock with Cable

We found a truly new and unique product at a great price that has a wide variety of uses.

If you are looking for a way to time-release someone in a "bind" or even yourself from a self-restraining device, such as an estim session, this digital timer may be just what you are looking for. 

The cable that loops over and locks into the timer is a heavy 3/16" plastic coated cable.  The approximate diameter of the loop is 1.25".  If for any reason you wish to quick release from the timed lock, a safety push button on the side of the lock can be used to immediately unlock it. 

The lock is powered using a lithium chargeable battery and is charged using your computer, laptop or IPad plugged into the USB port.  The housing size of this lock is 1.75 wide and 1.5" tall.  It is 3/4" thick. At the end of the timed setting, the cable is release, but it does not just pop open.  Using some sort of spring around the cable and lock housing might be used to make the cable pop out of the locking device or a small weight tied to the lock could pull the cable loose once the timer unlocks.

The timer can be set from a minute all the way up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.  This gives you the ability to set it up for a short or a very, very long session.  We personally would not recommend a 99 hour session though!!  :)

More detailed information on this product is shown beneath the illustrations.



  webassets/BondageTimerLock-1.jpg  webassets/BondageTimerLock-3.jpg





Material: Rigid plastic

Color: Black

Pack:1 pcs/set

Locker Size: 46*40*20mm(as picture shown)

Wire string size: D 2.5mm* L 90mm
Include: 1* SM Bondage Charing Mode Time Locker (with English manual)
Package : Discreet package , protect your privacy


Products details

1. USB lithium-ion battery charging

2. With mini viewing screen and press button

3. Can set the hours, minutes,the max to 99 hours 59 minutes

4. Tensile ability:130KG, Level Ⅲ drop.

5. Rain-proof(Moderate rain outside & Splashing Water )

6. Use 4 hours a day, charge one time can be used for 30 days

7. Battery 1200 times charge and discharge, the battery capacity decreased by 15%; 3000 times, each charge can only last three and a half hours.


Item #DigitalLock

Regular price: $39.95  Special price $29.95

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