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Ribbed Silicone Penis Plug/Urethral Sound Stimulator

If you enjoy urethral insertion, you may really enjoy this new toy!!


We have seen very few of this type of urethral toy on the market, but found this one and had to offer it to our customers who are experienced in urethral play.  Insertable diameter is between 8.3mm and 8.5mm, with an insertable length of 13" (33cm). Can be used shallow or as deep as you wish.


Although the bulb may imply that the tube inflates, the inflation bulb does not really expand the tube, but will push air into the urethral canal and when slowly released, will draw liquids into the bulb.


The silicone tube is soft and flexible with the opening at the tip at 3.5mm.  The thickness of the silicone wall is approximately 2mm, so it is heavy-duty in its construction.

UrethralToys/InflatableUrethralInsert-3.jpg UrethralToys/InflatableUrethralInsert-4.jpg

Always clean urethral toys thoroughly before and after each use in order to avoid unwanted infections. 


Features : 
Made of soft silicone, bends easily
Catheter is 33 cm (13") long
Silicone ballon; just press it lightly,the air or liquid will discharge in/out from the catheter to stimulate the urethra
Use as a masturbation toy or as an S&M sex toy 
Notice :
1. Before using, use alcohol or other agent to disinfect
2. Apply sterile lubricant on it for easier insertion. 
3. If it becomes uncomfortable inserting, do not use.
4. Never force while inserting catheter.
5. This is an alternative sex toy, fit for experienced players, not suitable for all buyers. Consider this before you buy.
Due to the nature of the use of this product, it cannot be returned unless a physical defect is observed prior to use. 



One Piece (Tube is not removable)

Quick Release Button

Material: Silicone

Color: Black

Balloon Size: 1.5" x 3.5" (4cm x 9cm)

Catheter Size: 8.5mm diameter at largest point and 13" (33cm) long

Item #UI-Inflatable

Regular price $17.95 

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