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Set of Two - Cock & Ball Cond Cloth

Now a very affordable way to give estim a try. you can use your own power box with a simple snap adapter or even a PES lead with the low profile connections. The choice is yours.  The stretchy conductive cloth material will hug your cock nicely and the other will cradle around the balls and when connected creates a nice sensation.   You can use one or both, whatever you happen to be in the mood for at the time.  Remember however, if you choose to use only one, you will still need to have another electrode placed somewhere to complete the circuit.  Each conductive cloth is a single-pole electrode. You might even want to use both of them on the shaft, one at the base and the other up close to the head.

Snap adapters for your estim power box can be found in our Wiring and Adapter section.  If you are not sure what you need, send an email and the type of connections and power box you are using. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct adapter or adapter wire.

Note that you will most likely have to wet the material down in order to get the current flowing completely through to the skin.  Water or water based lube should suffice for this purpose, but make sure you wash it all completely out when you are done.  Pat dry and let them completely air dry.  You may have to turn them inside-out to be sure they are dry.   Both pieces of conductive cloth are identical and about 3.5" long with a diameter of 1.25"


The stretchy conductive material will stretch to fit the girth of just about any guy.

Color may vary.


Item #CondClothSetOf2

Regular price $12.95 

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