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Super Stretchy Bi-Polar Ball Blaster
We found these super stretchy bi-polar ball bags with built-in cock rings and figured that these may fit better and more comfortably than some of the others out there that don't stretch so much.
      CockAndBalls/Bi-PolarBallBlaster-3.jpg  CockAndBalls/Bi-PolarBallBlaster-2.jpg 
The round aluminum electrodes are 3/4" in diameter and will definitely pack a punch if you want them to.  Once your ball sack starts sweating, the current will become more noticed around the entire ball bag.  If you prefer a more spread out sensation from the beginning, just use some water based lube and drop or slide the boys into the bag and your good to go.  It is recommended that you open by using your index and middle fingers on both hands and sort of turn the device semi-inside-out by stretching the silicone at the ball opening and then placing the testicles into it and with a slight pulling motion, snug the top of your balls onto the top ring.  You may find a better way with a little experimentation. 
Note:  Only use water based lube on any silicone non or electrified silicone.  Petroleum based lube will eventually eat silicone and silicone based lube will lessen the conductive qualities of silicone products. Water based lube is much easier to clean than the other two types of lube too.  :)
Also note that there are actually two sizes of TENS pins on the market.  Those made to USA standards are turned to .08 of an inch whereas other countries who make TENS pins on lead wires use a 2mm diameter.   You may find that your TENS pins are slightly too large to fit into the holes at the bottom of the aluminum electrodes.  If that is the case and you have acess to a drill and some small drill bits, you can simply drill out the hole to an approximate 5/64" diameter.  Any larger will make the TENS pin too loose.  If by chance you do use a larger drill bit and the pin falls out or is too loose, here is a remedy we found helpful.  Slightly bend your TENS pins with a needle nosed set of pliers being careful not to break or bend it too much.  It only take a very slight bend to get the bow of the pin to fit snugly into the oversized hole.  :)

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