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Out of Stock - Prison Bird Insert & Screw Locking Penis Ring

Enjoy this affordable hand crafted chasitiy device by yourself, with somebody or use in training on your sub. The 1/4 # weight of the device will hang nicely on you or the person you choose to use it on.

The hollow insert can be adjusted with a set screw on top to shallow or full depth insertion, 2.2".  Add an alligator clip and a lead wire from your power box and the hollow insert will "cum" in handy as you observe the man juices flow from the excitement.   If you are not into the sensation of spikes, simply use a piece of our 3/4" wide conductive silicone as a buffer.  :)  For non-electrified use, just use any wide rubber product to reduce the affect of the spikes.  Used as a single-pole electrode will require a second electrode placed somewhere else of your choosing in order to complete the circuity.


Made with pride by the folks at Prison Bird.

Hand crafter from stainless steel. This item is made entirely by hand. No chrome plating and No nickel plating. Just hand-polished. Insert is ribbed to gently excite the urethral wall.  


  CockAndBalls/PrisonBirdInsertWithSpikes-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/PrisonBirdInsertWithSpikes-1.jpg





The total length of the tube: about 62.5mm  (2-1/2")


The insert length of the hollow insert is about 56mm (2.2")


Diameter of the tube is about  7mm. (Just over 1/4")


The inside diameter of the insert through-hole is about 4mm. (1/8")


The inner diameter of the ring is about 32mm.(1.25")


There are 6 spiked teeth on the ring. As seen above.


The length of the teeth is about 16mm.  (.6")


Weight of the device is 1/4 #  (4 oz)


Each spiked screw can be adjusted with the wrench included.


Item #PrisonBirdA096

Regular price $69.95 

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