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Out of Stock - Tri-Squeeze by OxBall's

TRI-SQUEEZE is everything you love about the TRI-SPORT cocksling, but with a built-in ballstretcher at the base. It beefs up your bulge while stretching your sweaty sack. 

     OxBalls/Tri-Squeeze-1.jpg   OxBalls/Tri-Squeeze-BlackIce.jpg

                   Cobal Ice                           Black Ice

Just like TRI-SPORT, TRI-SQUEEZE is modeled after the traditional steel 3-ring cock cage, but without all the discomfort and rigid material…no worrying about pinching metals or trying to wrestle a ragin’ boner into a too tight contraption. 

TRI-SQUEEZE’s unique design and shape make it one of our most versatile slings. Each ring is a slightly different size so you can choose how you wear it.  Wear the ballstretcher side facing you, it’ll push your cock n’ balls up and out for a bulge that’s perfect for filling out a jockstrap or some ass-huggin’ gear. 

    OxBalls/Tri-Squeeze-Wearing.jpg  OxBalls/tri-squeeze_clear_oxballs_psd_02.jpg

  OxBalls/tri-squeeze_clear_oxballs_psd_06.jpg  OxBalls/tri-squeeze_clear_oxballs_psd_01.jpg 

The outwards facing stretcher also doubles as a fuck-bumper to add some cushion when you’re really pushin and your meats too long.

Use the Drop-Down box below to indicate the color you want.

TRI-SQUEEZE is made from OxBall's new super-soft, stretchy PLUS+SILICONE trp/silicone...a blend of silicone and TPR--soft like silicone, strong like TPR.


Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS

PLUS+SILICONE trp/silicone blend--safe, strong, fleshy...non-toxic and phthalate free

Lube safe:  water-based 


Stats (Approximate):

Height:  2.5”

Width:  2.25”

Cock/Ball Opening Circumferences (stretches to fit your meat):  1.25”, 1”, .9”

Ballstretcher Length:  1.25”

Weight: 3 oz.

Item #Tri-Squeeze

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Regular price $22.95 

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