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Leather Ball Stretcher & Testicle Splitter

New to ball and bag stretching??  This well made (leather) and eye-pleasing device is a great way to get started and at a low price.  :)  This one will even split the boys for an even tighter tug.  The first ring snaps around the base of your cock, acts like a cock ring and the bottom snaps around the ball sack.  The last step is to bring the 1/2" leather strap up and in-between the balls and splits them, causing each nut to bulge out proudly.  Lastly, affix the ball stretching weight of your choice and your set for pleasure or pain, the choice is all up to you.  :)  Weight is not included.

By the Way, this device might make a great e-stim device as well. TENS pads or a conductive loop around or the pad on the balls will really be felt since all is good and tight.  One might even use a piece of our conductive sheeting cut to the right size and wrapped around the ball sack first, before wrapping. :)  The metal rivets and snaps will enhance the estim sensation, as electric current bounces off anything in its path!!

 CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-3.jpg

The base ring and lower ball sack is connected with smooth rivets, so even under weight, the total affect will not be as severe, as if it was not connected and controlled.   Various snap locations allow the user to make this device as tight as you want it.  The illustrations below show the stretcher and the detailed dimensions.

  CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-4.jpg

   CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-8.jpg  CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-6.jpg

  CockAndBalls/LeatherBallStretcher-7.jpg  Mr Sample seems to like it!!  :)





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Regular price $9.95 

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