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Out of Stock - Single-Pole Combination E-Clamp

Whether it is a cock, your balls, a nipple or vagina lips you want to electrify, this Combo E-Stim Clamp should do the trick.  Used as a single-pole electrode, it has two prongs on each side of the clamp covered with our soft, but supple, conductive silicone tube.  The spring pressure of the clamp allows for a good firm grip on whatever body part you choose to excite. The space in between the two prongs act as fingers to give additional skin gripping power.


  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-7.jpg  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-6.jpg

Because of its ability to open up to two inches, this clamp will give you many options for use.  The overall length is just over 4 inches with the finger holds insulated with electrical shrink tubing.

Make sure that you choose the connection of your choice in the Drop-Down Box below.

Shown below are some examples of what you can do with these clamps.  A must have addition to your E-Stim toy chest.  :)

  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-9.jpg  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-5.jpg

 CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-8.jpg  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-10.jpg

 CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-3.jpg Width of the clamp is 1.25"

   CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-2.jpg Over 4" Long

  CockAndBalls/CombinationE-Clamp-1.jpg Over 2" when fully opened



Item #EClampSinglePol

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Regular price $15.95 

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