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Out of Stock - Quality DIY TENS Pins Single or in Sets of 2
For those of you who enjoy build making your own wiring and connections, these heavy-duty TENS pins will definitely add a professional look to your cabling collection.  Additionally, they make great Banana pin to TENS pin adapters.  The end will accommodate a banana pin nicely. 
A word of CAUTION!!   These are not insulated!!  So, if you touch them while current if flowing through them, you will get a jolt!!  We recommend that you use electrical shrink wrap over the outside or electrical tape in order to avoid an unforseen surprise!! :(
Price shown is for a single pin assembly. We offer these in single pin assemblies or sets of two.  A set of two is cheaper at $4.95. Please make your selection for either Black or Red if you are making a single purchase or Red and Black or all Red or all Black when ordering these in sets.  The Drop-Down box below has all the necessary selections you may want.
The simple three-piece design allows you to take them apart, insert a short portion of stranded wire into the collar and then fray and spread the end out in a circular pattern and screw the collar cap onto the wire.  This produces a good secure connection to the cable.  You then screw the top portion containing the banana pin to the assembly and you are ready to use.
The grooved ridges on the outside of the assembly makes it easy to turn them easily and securely. 
Caution!!  The inside assembly is not insulated and current will pass through to the outside assembly.  To avoid any electrical shock, it is advisable to either plug the pin into the electrode first before turning on the power or  place electrical tape or electrical shrink tape over the part you intend to touch. 

 Shown below are the three steps of assembly for your wire.
  STEP #1. Place the wire through the back collar. Alarger diameter wire will always make a better and more secure connection.
  STEP #2.  Fray the strands of wire.  Fan them out, but not long enough to hit the threads when inserted into the middle collar.
  STEP #3.  Screw the wire into the middle assembly, making sure it is secure and does not pull out.  Screw the Banana or if you have the TENS pin version onto the middle assembly.  This further secures the wire you placed into the assembly. 
Double check to be sure all is secure.  If so, you are ready to use.  If not, take the assembly apart and re-assemble making sure the stranded wire is nice and tight over the bottom collar assemble, refit, screw it in and check for a secure fit.

Item #ProfTENS9438

Single Purchase:
Set of Two:

Regular price $2.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.