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Hydrotherapy X20 Xtreme Extreme Penis Pump


Want a larger, longer penis, as well as adding girth to it?  A hydropump, although a little more complicated to use, seems to work well and does not give your cock as much of that swollen pumped look when you are done.  Having all the water surround the entire length and head equalizes the vacuum pressure and pulls the skin in equal directions.  Using an air vacuum cylinder tends to pull the sensitive skin on the underside of the glans and when done pumping, usually swells quite a bit, until the fatty tissues relax and go back to normal.

Now you can extend your manhood with a complete affordable hydropumping system.  VacuumPumps/NurseWithRuler.jpg

The Hydropump category includes a vacuum cylinder that can be used completely submerged in water. It can also be manually filled with water by hand and the excess water pumped out. If not used in a shower or bath, you will need to at least stand where the excess water can be drained from the pump while attaining the vacuum that you desire.

A second method uses the traditional pump which uses a vacuum of air all around the penis.  Both methods work under the premise of creating a vacuum around the penis for the purpose of enlargement, and both styles have been used successfully.

We are now offering a complete affordable kit to help you gain the length and girth you want.  The kit includes; a soft, but firm outer sleeve with a 3" long plastic entrance shim, the 12 inch X30 cylinder, water valve with water tube, valve cover, shower strap and instructions for use. 

The 3" long inner shim (picture below does not show it properly) attached to the sleeve, avoids leaving "notches" on the skin at the base of the penis  when under pressure, as the the accordion rubber pleats pull and tug on the penis when excess water is drawn out of the cylinder. The shim is a nice addition, as previous models did not have this feature.



  VacuumPumps/X30-HoldingStrap.jpg VacuumPumps/X30-CompleteSystem-2.jpg

             Cylinder with Shower Strap                               Soft Inner Sleeve 2.5" ID 

  VacuumPumps/X30-Valve.jpg   VacuumPumps/X30-ValveAndBulb.jpg

        Water Valve with Quick Release                   Hand Pump with Water Extraction Tube

Item #X20PumpComplete

Regular price $139.00 

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