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NEW ITEM - POYO Stick - A True Helping Hand !!




Whether you have a V2000 or a hand-held mastrubator with an enclosure or casing, you will enjoy using this hands-free bendable, flexible POYO stick  to support and make your sessions much more enjoyable. :)

This newly created product is especially helpful for those who have the Venus 2000, FleshLight, Tenga or any other mechanical or non-mechanical sucking/vacuum device.  Many times, just letting it flop around and do its thing, is just not enough.  Having a helpful, strong springy support to hold the receiver in place at any angle you want can sometimes make that orgasm a better mind-blowing experience.

It has a large, strong plastic hold-down clamp can be used on the edge of a desk, table or just about anything you have available that will support it. The balled swivel and locking screw at the end of the  "stick" provides for a hard lock or if slightly loosened, will move to and fro as your toy moves about. The heavily duty "stick" can be twisted and looped to whatever position you need to get the job done.

Additionally, it comes with a hand made heavy-duty vinyl stitched toy holder.  Grommets have been embedded at strategic locations along the edges and a long elastic cord with a cord lock is also enclosed to snug up and hold you favorite toy!!  There is even a grommet located for the valve on the V2000.

This device can be especially helpful for those folks who may have a handicap, arthritis in the hands or other challenges that would otherwise prevent them from using typical toys.


  POYO/VinylSleeve.jpg  POYO/VinylSleeve-1.jpg


You can watch this device in action here by clicking on the link below:

We are sure that more links and videos will be available as the product continues to be used and posted by users.
The pictures below are just a few pictures of the many uses for this product.  


 POYO/Tenga-1.jpg  POYO/PoyobaseFleshlight-1.jpg


 POYO/PoyoBaseVenusReceiver-1.jpg  POYO/PoyoBaseTenga-1.jpg


About the product:



Standard POYO Stick Universal Toy Holder

Flexible mount for Masturbation sleeves  and Venus/Serious Kit Receivers under 1 Lb

Venus 2000 Receivers, Serious Kit Receivers, Tengas etc…

Permits hands free or fingertip control reducing effort to use the device.

Venus/Serious Kit users will enjoy hands free play

Twice the fun with far less effort!

Mounts on surfaces up to 2 inches/51mm thick



Item #POYOOriginal

Regular price $79.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.