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Shaking Horses 10 Pattern Head & Urethral Vibrator

Wow, if you are into urethral insertion and really want the ride of your life, this device will kick ass. We were more than impressed with the power this thing has.  :)   We can almost bet that your first ride on this won't last five minutes.  With 10 erotic vibration settings (see below), just changing to the next one will make you eyes roll and your legs buckle!! Now, if your head is large enough when erect and swollen and you take the air out of it, the vacuum alone will allow it to just  hang there and literally vibrate the juices right out of you.  It is waterproof, so you won't have to worry about shorting it out either.  Recharging it is really simple, just plug the USB cable into you computer, laptop or even your car jack if you have the right connector.  



  UrethralToys/ShakingHorses-8.jpg   UrethralToys/ShakingHorses-Specs.jpg


  UrethralToys/ShakingHorses-6.jpg  UrethralToys/ShakingHorses-7.jpg


 The long (7.5 inch) 4mm solid silicone insert is long enough to get to those places where it will do the most good. 

To get it started, simply hold down on the button on the end for 5 seconds and let the games begin!!  Once is starts on the first pattern, it is really sometimes difficult to get your thoughts together enough to press on it again to discover the other patterns it has in store for you.  :)  To say the least, this is a really effective toy.  Although not an e-stim device, it is a good starter or finisher, whichever you want it to be.

Be careful though, too much of a good thing will definitely irritate the urethral canal.  Make sure you lube up good with a sterile product before inserting.

Washes up with hot water and a good antibacterial soap.  Do not use any petroleum or silicone lube with this toy.  Petroleum tends to break down other types of silicone over time.  You don't what might end up to be one of your favorite toys to be destroyed!!





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