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Bell Shaped Stainless 8 Oz Magnetic Ball Weight
It's always a nice feeling to have a little tugging action on the boys, so give this 1/2 pound stainless steel, magnetic ball weight a try.  Bell shaped to provide comfort and ergonomic to the shape of your ball sack.  Once the magnets are in place, as you stand, walk or just lay around, it will provide a great feeling of that tugging and stretching feeling you want.  If you warm up your balls before fitting this device, it will add additional stretch and ease getting it around the balls.
  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-9.jpg  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-7.jpg
  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-1.jpg
Since we are really into electro-stimulation, we have thought of that too.  :)   Simply using a small piece of our 3/4" flat conductive strap, connected to one of our ComboClips, will easily convert what is an already great feeling to an unbelievable electrifying experience !! You may want to place a cloth around the sides when electrifying this device to keep the current from spreading to the sides of your legs and get the full effect on your balls.
 Below are several pictures of the ball weight along with the technical specifications.
  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-4.jpg  CockAndBalls/BellShapedMagneticStretcher-6.jpg

Item #BellWeight

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