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Electro Humbler - Improved Version
Lately, we have noticed that the electrified version of this clever device has been very difficult to get on many web sites.  Some have no idea when they will be back in stock.  We assume that there must be some demand for these devious devices. :)  So, we decided to take the plain version and modify it a bit to improve several aspects to make it better.
So, the first thing we looked at was the size of the electrodes.  The originals seemed a bit small, so we made them larger to make contact with more skin area and spread the "joy" around better. :)  The new contact area is 3/4" x 1-1/4" instead of a small round electrodes originally used.
The locking mechanism has been eliminated as well.  Hell, who after being connected to this thing, could even unscrew the wing nuts.  However, as a safety precaution, it is possible to get out of, rather than have to wait in some instances for someone to come back and unlock you.
Second, we looked at the connection type and decided that it would be better for any power box owner to be able to connect the electrodes with whatever they had.  The new Humbler has a connector that enables you to connect a TENS pin, Banana pin or even a Snap.
The threaded studs on the older versions seemed too loose and had to be placed into the holes after or while placing the ball sack into the device.  To make it easier to handle, the studs are stationary and can now be placed into the adjacent holes a lot easier.  Once through the holes, just place the washers on and spin the wing nuts to the desired pressure.
We hope that these improvements will be beneficial to anyone who buys or uses this device and they have happy endings with the balls left in tact.  :)  It is worth noting that the Electro-Humbler can be placed over the legs and used on the lap for those who just want to give the boys a good tugging and e-stim workout.
In the sense of the word, this device is not a typical toy and should be treated with "respect".  

Item #ElectroHumbler

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