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Out of Stock - Combination EStim & Prostate Vibrator w/ Remote
We found a really interesting E-Stim device that in addition to eight e-stim power levels, it has eight vibration settings and is remote controlled. Totally self-contained and chargable from any USB computer port. You can use the e-stim by itself or the prostate portion by itself.  For a real thrill, use both, the e-stim and vibration together.  :)
 ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-2.jpg  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-12.jpg
  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-3.gif  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-5.gif
  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-4.gif  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-2.gif
  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-8.jpg  ProstateStimulators/RemoteControlEStimAndProstateMassager-7.jpg

Item #EStimWithRemote

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $48.95

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