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Clear Stretchy Silicone Cock Sheath w/Scrotum Ring

Soft, Stretchy and Reusable.  This Clear Sleeve with a nice Penis Cover and Scrotum Ring is 3mm (2 tenths of an inch) thick and is firm, but nice and stretchy.  The length to the testicle ring is 4 inches and the total length of the sheath is 5-1/2".  The testicle entrance hole is 1-1/4" in diameter.  The penis opening is also 1-1/4" in diameter and tapers to the head covering that is an ample 1-1/2" in diameter.

 CockAndBalls/ClearCockSleeve-4.jpg  CockAndBalls/ClearCockSleeve-5.jpg

Since everything stretches to fit nice and snug, it is a perfect sheath to wear at you e-stim.  Just place a little water based lube into it and slide Mr Happy in until he fits nice and snug.  Be sure to get all the air out of it and drop your balls into the ring for a nice fit.  Add some sort of flat conductive electrode inside the lubed sheath and your head and shaft will definitely thank you for the great sensations.  :)


CLEAN UP: Wash with hot water and a good antibacterial soap and dry with a clean cloth or air dry if you wish.  Do not use silicone or petroleum based lube with this product.  It will eat the clear silicone eventually and ruin it.

Item #ClearCockSheath

Regular price $8.95 

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