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Cock Cage with Urethral and Perineum Stim
This is rather unique for a chastity cage, as it incorporates not only a 6mm slightly curved silicone urethral insert, but also has a small conductive silicone electrode that hits the perinium location just behind the balls. :) At first glance, it looks like a frog, but upon closer inspection, the design is the key for holding the perineum electrode. 
It has numbered plastic locks and four separate sized diameter clear rings that fit behind the balls, which fit into the cock holder and locks into it.  A keyed brass cylinder lock is also included.  Connection to a power box is simple, using TENS pins.  
Overall inertable length is right a 4 inches.
  CockAndBalls/CagedEStimDevice-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/CagedEStimDevice-4.jpg
Product Dimensions are as follows:

Item #Perineum&Urethr

Regular price $39.95 

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