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Out of Stock - Vibrating Penis, Nipple, Clit Massager

How fitting calling this device the Squid.  :)  If you look closely at it, it does resemble the opening of a squid. 

  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-1.jpg  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-6.jpg

This toy is not an e-stim electrode, but for those who enjoy a good nipple, penis head or clit massage, this small, but powerful toy will be a nice addition to your toy chest.

It is made of a soft, silky silicone material, waterproof and rechargeable using you computer or other USB charging port.  The fingers can be opened for inserting your dick head into for a great vibrating experience, or just use the squid closed and let the fingers massage the head until you cannot stand it anymore.  The nipples will also thank you when using this toy on the tips of them too.  :)  For the ladies, using it on the clitoris will definitely make you winch with ecstasy. It is 6.3 inches in total length, and opens to 1.85 inches for placing the penis head into.  The inside has 72 small knobs that add to the intensity when using one of the 10 vibrating modes it has.  You might try placing a band or other device around the nodules after placing your penis head into to further excite the shaft.  We are sure many of our customers will be inventive when using this toy.  :)


 Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-9.jpg  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-8.jpg

  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-5.jpg  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-7.jpg


  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-11.jpg  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-10.jpg

  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-3.jpg  Mastrubators/SquidNipplePenisMassager-4.jpg



Item #Squid

Regular price $21.95 

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