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Out of Stock - Spring Thing Shaft and Partial Head
We found these interesting devices and were able to purchase some in three sizes for the web site. Unlike the regular Spring Thing that covers only the shaft, these newly shaped and very flexible springs cover a portion of the penis shaft and part of the glans all at once. Once you are erect, the spring will encase your shaft and head nice and tight. Will work out nicely for electrifying for e-stim too!!  Having the head exposed allows for using your favorite urethral toy too!!
  Three Sizes to Choose From
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Since the spring is nice and flexible, it should expand nicely as your excited cock grows.  The diagram shown below uses the outside diameter, so the inside will be slightly smaller.
  CockAndBalls/StainlessSpringWithOpenPenisHead-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/StainlessSpringWithOpenPenisHead-1.jpg
Made from flexible stainless steel, all you need to do is place your head into the top entrance and then gently slide the remaining spring down over the shaft and your are ready to go.  To electrify it, you can go to the Wiring and Adapter section of our web site and choose from alligator clips or alligator clips on a six inch wire and choose your lead wire connection.  Will make a great single-pole electrode and with the use of a prostate stimulator, things will really get exciting. The curved tip with a small stainless ball at the tip or even at the base will make an excellent spot to connect a large alligator clip.  :)  When electrifying it, you may want to use a water based lube or gel in order to eliminate any "hot spots" that might occur from the spring not toughing the skin thoroughly.  

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