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Out of Stock - 12 Speed Head Vibrator/Ejaculator

Looking for something a little different and compact to tease the head and excite your cock?  This 12 speed vibrator will do the trick.


  Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-7.jpg  Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-9.jpg

It is charged and re-charged by simply using the USB port of your computer or laptop and plugging it in for about a half an hour.  

  Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-4.jpg By just pushing the W button on the device, you can instantly change the vibration pattern to one that suits your desires.  Head insertion is 2.2 inches and the opening is 1.6 inches and can be stretched up to 2.75 inches.  Inside you will note that there are small nubs that will enhance the vibrating experience.  The silicone can be cleaned easily after use.  Be sure to only use water based lube if you use any lube at all on the silicone.  Petroleum and Silicone based lubes are not good for the life of the silicone.  With good maintenance, this will last a long time.

Once you get the head of your penis inside the silicone and vacuum seated securely, and erect from the initial vibrations, standing while using will enhance the sensations immensely.  :) 


  Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-5.jpg   Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-3.jpg  Mastrubators/10_Speed_Head_Vibrator-1.jpg


Item #12SpeedHeadJack

Regular price: $29.95  Special price $24.95

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