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NEW - Bi-Polar Head Exciter
Now you can enhance the e-stim stimulation to your penis head and allow for either just outflow or use a urethral insert, whichever you prefer from the small hole in the top.  Rather than using a bi-polar chastity cage with the enclosed head stimulator, you can now just slip this clear, soft silicone head cover right over Mr Happy and plug it in.  
  CockAndBalls/HeadExciter-BiPolar-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/HeadExciter-BiPolar-4.jpg
The head entrance diameter is 1-1/8" and will stretch nice and snug over the head for a comfortable fit. Using a good water based lube only will help and will make the sensations spread throughout the inside of the head chamber.  Do NOT use petroleum or silicone based lube, as this can cause silicone to deteriorate over time.  Following this rule will make this electrode last a lot longer.

The small hole in the top of the Head Exciter is 7/16 inch (10mm) and will allow for either fluids to escape easily or to use with a urethral insert, your choice.
Although there is a 2.5mm audio jack lead wire included and connected to the two head electrodes, you can simply pull the TENS pins out of them and attach your own TENS pins from whatever lead wire you will be using from your power box.
  CockAndBalls/HeadExciter-BiPolar-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/HeadExciter-BiPolar-7.jpg
Should you wish to turn this device into a single-pole head stimulator, you can either only insert one of the contoured head electrodes into the silicone, or place both into it and connect only one to your lead wire.  If you want to make both electrodes work as one, you can use a splitter cable (Joiner) and connect it to one of your lead wires.
Cleanup is easy using warm water and a good antibacterial soap.  Be sure to take the two electrodes out of the silicone head device to clean and clean them too.  Pat them dry and store the electrodes separately and do not allow them to stay inside the head device when not in use.  Otherwise, discoloring may occur, as conductive silicone electrodes are made by mixing melted silicone with black carbon powder.

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